Section I - Instruction

School Year

Curriculum Development

Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student

Curriculum Adoption

Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines

 Basic Instructional Program

Teaching About Religion

Occupational Education (Career Education)

Teaching About Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco

Character and Citizenship Education

Energy Education

Learning Disability Identification Process

Procedural Safeguards for Children with Disabilities

Enrichment Programs

Programs for Pregnant Students

Homebound Instruction

Co-curricular Programs

Student Organizations

Student Publications

Student Performances

Student Fund-raising Activities

Contests for Students

Intramural Athletics

 Interscholastic Athletics

Loss of Eligibility for Co-curricular Activities Including Athletics Due to Substance Abuse.

Exceptions to Use of Specific Course Materials

Parent/Guardian Objection to Specific Course Material

Grouping for Instruction

World Languages Program

Health Education and Exemption from Instruction

Health and Sex Education Opt-Out Form 

Teaching About Self-protection

Class Size

Programs for Pupils with Disabilities

Evaluation Requirements for Children with Specific Learning Disabilities

Special Education Evaluations

Home Education Instruction

Extended Learning Opportunities

Alternative Learning Plans

Summer Activities

Advance Course Work/Advanced Placement Courses & Stem Dual & Current Enrollment Program

 Individualized Instruction

 Instructional Materials

Library Materials Selection and Adoption

 Reconsideration of Library or Classroom Materials

 Request for reconsideration of Library or Classroom Materials - Form

 Library Materials Selection and Adoption Book Selection Criteria and Procedures

Field Trips and Excursions

 Field Trip Approval Form

School Volunteers

Volunteer Approval Form

Supplemental Materials and Adoption - Movies and Videos

Earning of High School Credit

Grading System

 Interdisciplinary Credit

Student Progress Reports to Parents


Remediation of Students

High School Graduation Requirements

Early Graduation

Awarding of Diplomas

Career Readiness Pathways and Credentials

Academic Honesty and Integrity

Assessment of Educational Programs

High School Graduation Competencies

Educational Questionnaires, Surveys, and Research 

Evaluation of Instructional Programs

Daily Physical Activity

Online-Virtual Education

Alternative Credit Options

High School Credit for 7th and 8th Grade Advanced Coursework

Animals in School

Service Animals in Schools

Teaching Methods

 Teaching About Controversial Issues

Controversial Speakers

 School Ceremonies and Observances

Flag Displays