Section G - Personnel

Personnel Policies Goals

Employment References and Verification

Staff Conflict of Interest

Staff Conduct and Appearance

Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools

Staff Rights and Responsibilities

Background Investigations and Criminal History Records Check

Training and Information Relative to Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

Employee Protection

Mandatory Code of Conduct Reporting- All Employees

Staff Ethics

Employee use of Social Networking Using Digital Technology

School District Internet Access for Staff

Employee Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technologies

Staff Health

Employee - Student Relations

Staff Participation in Political Activities

Staff Participation in Political Activities - Reference

Staff Gifts and Solicitations

Prohibitions Regarding Use & Possession of Tobacco Products E-cigarettes & E-liquids in & on School Facilities & Grounds

Personnel Records

Employee Complaints and Grievances

Teacher Performance and Evaluations

Professional Staff Contracts

Professional Staff Recruiting

Family and Medical Leave Policy

Military Leave

Professional Staff Hiring

Criminal Investigation Checks - All Employees

Substitute Teachers

Staff Orientation

Instructional Staff Assignments, Transfers and Workload

Professional Improvement

Staff Visitations and Conferences

Supervision of Professional Staff

Teacher Performance and Evaluations

Professional Staff - Promotion and Demotion

Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force

Resignation of Professional Staff Member

Non-school Employment by Professional Staff Members

Professional Personnel Consulting

Professional Activities of Teacher

Employment of Support Staff and Program Specialists

Hiring of Support Staff and Co-curricular Advisors

Non-certified Personnel Assignment and Reassignment

Support Staff Development Opportunities

Termination of Non-certified Personnel

Exit Interviews