Interim Superintendent's Page

Steven Nilhas Ph.D.

603-744-5555 x: 8500

August 17, 2023

Dear Stakeholders of the Newfound Area School District,

Greetings!  I began to prepare for my new leadership role as the Interim Superintendent of Schools for the 2023-2024 school year immediately after being hired in June, and it has been a whirlwind ever since!  I am joining you after most recently serving as the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, and Federal Grants at SAU 36, which includes the communities of Whitefield, Twin Mountain, Jefferson, Lancaster, and Dalton, NH.  Previously, I was the Superintendent of Schools at SAU 84 Littleton, NH. I grew up on a farm in Western Kansas, and this experience has served me well in my various roles in education.  I began my career in education as a High School English Teacher at Palco Kansas, a small rural school in Western Kansas. In addition, I have worked as a Principal in a rural middle and high school and a large suburban High School in Eastern Kansas. After these experiences in Kansas, I moved to South America for seven years, working as a High School Principal in Asunción, Paraguay, for five years and as a Middle and High School Principal in Cartagena, Colombia, for two years.

My wife, Elena, and our youngest daughter, Sofia, and I came to New Hampshire in July of 2016 when Littleton School District hired me as the Superintendent of Schools.  Over these past seven years, we have grown to love our life in New Hampshire with all that is available outdoors, along with the many quaint and welcoming small towns, many cultural opportunities, and excellent restaurants, to name a few of the qualities we love about rural New Hampshire. Since our arrival, Elena has worked at Whitefield Elementary School as a Special Education Teacher and at Lancaster Elementary School as a Preschool Teacher. This upcoming school year, she will be taking on a new opportunity as a Kindergarten Teacher at Lakeway Elementary School in Littleton.

In addition to Sofia, who is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont, I have four other children, including Paula, who is a network engineer and lives in San Diego, CA; Amy, who lives in Littleton and works as a waitress; Blake who works for US Bank in Overland Park, KS; and Morgan who is a Literacy Specialist and Professional Learning Manager for Scholastic and lives in Roanoke, VA.

Since beginning in early July, I have met with people and tried to understand, recognize, and value the good work that has been ongoing in the schools and the communities. I’ve been impressed with the support people here have for the schools, and I look forward to engaging with as many stakeholders as possible in the upcoming days, weeks, and months. Having met with many individuals in our schools already, I am very pleased to see the level of commitment and skill those who will be working with students, and those who support this work have already demonstrated.  As with any large organization, there are challenges; but the opportunities are significant. As we work together to address some of the issues that will require our time and attention, I would ask that we also consider the accomplishments of the past and the goals, hopes, and dreams for the future education of our students.

Feel free to contact me at the SAU office if you wish to visit about our common interests. I have always worked very hard to make myself available to the citizens of the communities where I have worked, and I am committed to continuing that practice here. I look forward to working together as a greater community for the benefit of our students.


Steve Nilhas