September 21,2023

Request for Proposals

Fuels – #2 Fuel Oil, Propane & Diesel 

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal for fuels in accordance with the attached specifications, terms and conditions. Prospective bidders are advised to read this information over carefully prior to submitting a bid.  

All Proposals must be submitted in a sealed envelope, plainly marked: 

"Request for Proposal - Fuels” 

Newfound Area School District

20 North Main Street, Bristol, NH 03222

All Bids must be received no later than

October 4, 2023 at 12:00 p.m.

Proposals must be reviewed and approved by the Newfound Area School District (NASD) within TWO hours of the bid closing to encourage competitive pricing

Complete copies of the Request for Proposal are available from the Newfound Area School District’s main office at 20 North Main Street, Bristol, NH 03222 or on-line at

All proposals received will be considered confidential and not available for public review until after a Supplier has been selected.

The Parties reserve the right to reject any or all proposals or any part thereof, to waive any formality, informality, information and/or errors in the proposal, to accept the proposal considered to be in the best interest of the Parties, or to purchase on the open market if it is considered in the best interest of the Parties to do so.

Suppliers may submit any supporting information that will be beneficial in evaluating supplier and supplier proposals.  This Solicitation does not obligate Parties to negotiate a contract with any supplier.  

Suppliers must provide 1 original and 1 digital copy of the full proposal.

LATE PROPOSALS/BIDS: Any bids received after specified date and time will not be considered, nor will late bids be opened. 

PAYMENT TERMS: It is the custom to pay bills within 30 working days following delivery of, and receipt for, all items covered by the purchase order. In submitting bids under these specifications, bidders should take into account all discounts, both trade and time, allowed in accordance with the above payment policy. 

BID RESULTS: The NASD Business Office will NOT respond to phone inquiries for Bid Results, other than to identify the apparent low bidder and his total bid price quotation. Individuals or company representatives may secure a comprehensive bid analysis of a particular bid request by either attending a bid opening (which is open to all interested parties), or by sending a written request for the bid analysis along with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The Newfound Area School District requests the services of a qualified firm to provide fuel supply for the Facilities provided herein.  General information and specifications are as follows.

General Information

The fuel type in this solicitation is for #2 fuel oil, diesel fuel and propane.  This solicitation requests proposals for supply to serve one or more of the fuels listed.  We request that you provide a proposal which addresses the terms and structures requested and encourage additional proposal structures which you believe may be beneficial and should be considered.  At minimum, proposals shall include, for each fuel type for which you are submitting a proposal, a firm-fixed price and an indexed price for each individual Party and, if lower than the lowest comparable individual price, an aggregated price for the Parties for the term specified by each party and the period beginning October 15, 2023.  Alternative supply periods may be proposed if suppliers believe they provide value.  Suppliers must provide complete pricing information for the aggregate load, as well as for the individual accounts for each Party.  Suppliers may also offer alternative pricing options that may provide value to the Parties.  Suppliers must also provide an optional service plan.  

The successful bidder will be required to insure that all tanks at the different locations with a pre-arranged delivery schedule are always filled with adequate quantities to keep the system and equipment operational at all times.  The supplier will be held responsible for any costs incurred for repairs and/or services required due to these fuel tanks being allowed to reach empty status.  Routine scheduled delivery will be the responsibility of the fuel supplier.  

Proposal Requirements

Character of Service

Commodity Types

Term / Start Date

Pricing – Parties request the following pricing:



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Click here for a PDF of the RFP

September 18th, 2023


The Newfound Area School District will accept sealed bids for the following.

SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL SERVICES (parking lots and sidewalks) at the Newfound Regional High School, 150 Newfound Rd, Bristol; New Hampton Community School, 191 Main St., New Hampton; Bristol Elementary School, 55 School Street, Bristol; Newfound Memorial Middle School 155 N Main St, Bristol. for the 2023-2024 snow season (fall through spring). The season shall commence with the first snowfall and continue through the last snowfall of the spring, with the possibility for this contract to be extended for up to 3 years with mutually agreed-upon terms.

SNOW AND ICE REMOVAL SERVICES (walkways only) at Danbury Elementary School, 20 Daffodil Lane, Danbury, and Bridgewater-Hebron Village School, 25 School House Rd. for the 2023-2024 snow season (fall through spring). The season shall commence with the first snowfall and continue through the last snowfall of the spring, 

Note: Please keep pricing separate for each site. Scope of snow removal to be reviewed during pre-bid walk through and will be noted on a satellite map. 



BID PROPOSALS: Proposals will be accepted until 3:00PM on Friday, October 6, 2023. Sealed bids must be clearly marked and may be mailed or hand delivered to:


BRISTOL, N.H.03222

Late bids will not be accepted. Partial Bids may be accepted. The District reserves the right to accept or reject any parts of or all bids. Questions may be directed to the Facilities Director, Jason Torsey, at 603-744-6006 ext 1530