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Section K

KA School, Community and Home Relations
KB Title 1 Parent involvement in Education
KBC News Media Relations
KBF Use of Student in Public Information Program
KBFA* Use of Student in Non-school Public Information Program
KDA Public Information Program
KDC Website Publishing Policy
KE Public Complaints
 KEE KEE Website Accessibility and Grievance
KG Community Use of School Facilities
KG-a Community Use of School Facilities (High School Only)
 Community Use of School Facilities (Form) 
KG-R Community Use of School Facilities
KGB Public Conduct on School Property
KGD Use of Motor Vehicles on School Property
KH Gifts to Schools
KI Public Solicitations in the Schools
KJ Advertising in the Schools
KJB Posting Community Notices
KK Visitors to the Schools
KLB Public Complaints about the Curriculum or Instructional Materials
KLB-E Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
KLC Public Complaints about Facilities or Services (Grievance Procedures (Section 504)
KLD Public Complaints about School Personnel
KM Relations with Community Organizations
KMA Relations with Parent Organizations
KMB Relations with Booster Organizations
KN Relations with Governmental Authorities
KNAJ Relations with Police Authorities
KNC Relations with State Government Authorities