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Section G

 GA Personnel Policies Goals
 GADA Employment References and Verification
 GBAA Sexual Harassment - Employees/Staff
 GBCA Staff Conflict of Interest
 GBCB Staff Conduct and Appearance
 GBCBA Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free Schools
 GBCC Staff Rights and Responsibilities
 GBCD Employee Acceptable Use of Information and Communication Technologies
 GBCE School District Internet Access for Staff
 GBEA Employee Protection
GBEAB Mandatory Code of Conduct Reporting- All Employees
 GBEB Staff Ethics
 GBEBD Employee use of Social Networking Using Digital Technology
GBGA Staff Health
(also JM)
 Employee - Student Relations
GBHI Staff Participation in Political Activities
 GBI Staff Gifts and Solicitations
 GBK  Prohibitions Regarding Use & Possession of Tobacco Products E-cigarettes & E-liquids in & on        School Facilities & Grounds
 GBL Personnel Records
 GBM Employee Complaints and Grievances
GCN Teacher Performance and Evaluations
 GCAA Highly Qualified Teachers
 GCB Professional Staff Contracts
 GCC Professional Staff Recruiting
 GCCBC Family and Medical Leave Policy
 GCCAD Military Leave
 GCD Professional Staff Hiring
 GCDA Criminal Investigation Checks - All Employees
GCE Substitute Teachers
 GCF Staff Orientation
 GCI Instructional Staff Assignments, Transfers and Workload
 GCL Professional Improvement
 GCLA Staff Visitations and Conferences
 GCM Supervision of Professional Staff
 GCN Teacher Performance and Evaluations
GCO Professional Staff - Promotion and Demotion
 GCPA Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force
 GCPB Resignation of Professional Staff Member
 GCQA Non-school Employment by Professional Staff Members
 GCQAA Professional Personnel Consulting
 GCQAAA Professional Activities of Teacher
GDB Employment of Support Staff and Program Specialists
GDD Hiring of Support Staff and Co-curricular Advisors
GDJ Non-certified Personnel Assignment and Reassignment
 GDL Support Staff Development Opportunities
 GDQ Termination of Non-certified Personnel
 GE Exit Interviews