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Section B

BA Board Operational Goals
 BA-E Board Operational Goals - Responsibilities of Local School Boards
BB School Board Legal Status
BBA Community Involvement in Decision Making
BBAA School Board Member Authority
 BBAB Roles and Duties of the Board Chairperson 
 BBB School Board Elections 
 BBBA School Board Member Qualifications
BBBD School Board Member Removal from Office
BBC Board Member Responsibility and Resignation
BBF School Board Ethics 
BBF-E School Board Member Ethics
BBFA School Board Member Conflict of Interest
 BCA School Board Organizational Meeting
BCB  Board Officers
BCD School Board-Superintendent Relations
BCD-E  School Board-Superintendent Relations (Exhibit)
BCE Organization of Board Committees
 BCEA Duties of Committee Chair (Sub and Advisory Committees)
 BCF Advisory Committees to the School Board
 BCG School District Attorney
 BDA Regular School Board Meeting
 BDC Non-public Session
BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
 BDDD Quorum
 BDDE Parliamentary Procedure
 BDDG Minutes
(Also KD)
 Public Participation at Board Meetings
 BE School Board Use of E-mail
 BEA School Board Member Acceptable use of Information and Communication Technologies
 BEA-F Acceptable use of Information and Communication Technologies Acknowledgement From
 BEB School Board Member Use of Electronic Communication Devices During School Board Meeting
 BF Board Policy Development
 BFA Policy Development System
 BFCA Board Review of Regulations
 BFD Policy Dissemination
 BFE Administration in Policy Absence
BFG/BFGA Policy Review and Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check
 BG Board-Staff Communications
 BHA New Board Orientation
 BHB Board Member Development Opportunities
 BHBA School Board Conferences, Conventions, and Workshops
BHDA Payment for Services Rendered by School District Officers
BHE School Board Member Indemnification
BI School Board Legislative Program
 BJ School Board Memberships