Section 504

Section 504 Case Managers for Each School are as Follows:
Bridgewater Hebron Village School:  Dana Andrews, Principal
Bristol Elementary School:  Kellie Jenkins, School Counselor and Lisa Hodsdon, School Nurse
Danbury Elementary School:  Kathleen Connor, School Counselor
New Hampton Community School:  Tracy Gagnon, School Counselor
Newfound Memorial Middle School:  Alyssa Keegan, School Counselor
Newfound Regional High School:  Monica Jackson, Guidance Director

District Section 504 Coordinator: Anne Holton, Student Services Administrator

Section 504 Notice of Parent/Student Rights Link

Section 504 Handbook Link
Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act Information Link

Child Find Public Notice Link

District Policy:
AC Nondiscrimination
ACA Notice of Nondiscrimination 
ACB  Procedural Safeguards: Nondiscrimination on the Basic of Handicap/Disability
KLC Public Complaints about Facilities or Services (Grievance Procedures (Section 504)