Information Technology

NASD Information Technology and Facility News on Incident Reporting

Over the past few months, the ITS Team has been working on implementing an Information Technology / Facilities Management Software package, also known as “IT/FMS” for short. The application itself is SysAid and their motto is “IT’s That Simple”, and it really is. Not only is it simple to use and submit incidents, it will be extremely beneficial for all departments, in addition to all end-users reporting IT/Facility related incidences. The same method of reporting technology incidents will now apply to facility related requests.

 SysAid is designed to provide you with a user friendly tool to submit service requests for IT and Facilities
SysAid Helpdesk

Technology Vision: Students Succeed, Communities Prosper, The World Benefits

Given that Information and Communication Technologies Literacy in itself is recognized as a curriculum area that must be taught to all children, we believe that:
  • Technology is a vital component of achieving our mission.
  • The integration of 21st Century Technologies should be used in the delivery of all curricula provided that its inclusion improves instruction and learning.
  • Technology is critical to the successful operations of schools.
  • Technology in our district must be adequately funded, well managed, and seamlessly integrated.